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Acrylic Brochure holder,sign holder
Acrylic Easel Book Holder Rack
Acrylic Bangle Bracelet ,fashion bangle
Acrylic embedment,Clear Custom Lucite Embedment
Acrylic Badge
Acrylic Camera Display stand,camera counter top display stand
Acrylic Candle stand/holder
Acrylic Cigarette Display ,Cigarette POP display stand,Cigarette Carbinet
Acrylic coaster-promotion gift,Corporation gifts
Acrylic Cosmetic Display stand
Acrylic display case/Box
Diecast car display case
Acrylic dome display
Acrylic Laptop display stand
Acrylic Photo Frame,photo frame with magnet
Acrylic  Food/Wine Display
Acrylic Flower Vase
Acrylic household products
Acrylic house hold products
Awards, Trophies, Artistic
Acrylic Name plate
Acrylic name card holder
Acrylic riser stands
Acrylic Rods, Clear Plastic Rods, Plastic Rods
Acrylic table tent/menu holder
Acrylic sign /letter/logo
Acrylic Wine Display  Stand,wine counter top display
Countertop display stand
Eyewear display stand,etewear display rack
LED Display stand
LED Open Sign,Singage
LED signage,LED display stand,
Floor Standing Unit
Jewellery display stand-Rings
Jewellery display stand
Jewelry display stand-Ear ring
Jewelry & watch display stands
Memo clip holder/stands
Metal Signage
Moblie phone display stand
POP Display Fabrication
POP display stands/Countertop
Shoes display stands
Shoes Display Rack
Watch display stands
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Acrylic Cigarette Display ,Cigarette POP display stand,Cigarette Carbinet 

Acrylic Cigarette Display ,Cigarette POP display stand,Cigarette Carbinet




Cigarette Display Cabinets/Acrylic Cigarette display stand/

LED cigarette display stand

Acrylic Plastic Fabrication is our specialty Supplying our customer with quality and service is our goal. We carry brochure holders, literature displays. baseball, football, basketball displays, and boxes. Lucite museum cases, sandwich frames, and custom art stands. We work with Lucite, Lexan, Plexiglas, acrylic rod and tube. Services include cutting, bending, polishing, vinyl graphics and letters. With hundreds of different items available, we have acrylic products for everyone. 
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Acrylic Cigarette Display ,Cigarette POP display stand,Cigarette Carbinet

Why Acrylic

Acrylic is half the weight of glass.
It's easier to ship, move, and set up your aquarium.

Acrylic is several times stronger than glass.
It will not shatter, crack, or leak like glass can.

Acrylic distorts much less and is clearer than glass.
If a transparent object is surrounded by another material that has the same index of refraction, then the speed of light will not change as it enters the object. No reflection and no refraction will take place, and the object will appear invisible and without distortion, even at increased viewing angles. In addition to having a slight green tint, glass has an index of refraction that is considerably different from water. Incidentally, clear acrylic plastics have almost the same refractive index as seawater so there is no bending of light as it passes from the plastic into seawater, providing better and brighter color and sharper shapes in acrylic aquariums. The huge viewing windows in large public aquariums and oceanariums can be more than 12 inches thick, but because they are made of acrylic, they afford a very clear view of the water and ocean life they enclose. Acrylic also allows better penetration of your system lighting, which is especially important for reef systems.

Acrylic insulates better than glass.
Acrylic controls water temperature fluctuations, one of the primary reasons for fish stress, disease, and death. Glass conducts heat and cold causing more fluctuations.

Acrylic seams are stronger than glass.
Acrylic seams are molecular bonds and actually stronger than the acrylic itself. Silicone seams used on glass aquariums can dry out and weaken over time.

Acrylic seams are visually superior to glass.
Acrylic seams are polished and nearly invisible. Silicone seams are clearly visible and have been known to discolor when exposed to certain fish medications.

Acrylic is easily refinished.
If glass scratches it can not be repaired. Acrylic can be repaired with a variety of scratch removal kits. Even internal scratches can be repaired without removing the fish or water.

Custom formed designs are possible with acrlylic.
Acrylic can be formed to create interesting aquarium designs which you won't find with glass aquariums.


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