Acrylic photo frame 5R with standoff,Acrylic Photo Frame Picture Frame 5R - 3+3mm

Size Transparent material, simple structure
Material acrylic
Color Customized
Item No Photo Photography Display with Standoff
Product Details

Acrylic Photo Frame Picture Frame is Modern, Stylish & Transparent - 5R - 3+3mm,Acrylic photo frame 5R with standoff,

  • Elegant and Modern: Crystal Clear & Transparent. Effortlessly Showcases the Clarity and Details in Your Shot

  • Clear & Durable : This Photo Frame Holder is made from Premium Grade Acrylic.It is Solid and stronger than Glass

  • Safe : All edges of our Acrylic Products are polished to avoid injury to hands

  • Multiple uses. Can be used to showcase awards, recognition, and other memorabilia

  • Fashionable: Trendy Modern Styling is sure to impress and wow your guests

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