Acrylic geometric shape rounded magnetic photo frame Size: 16.5x2x11.5cm

Size 16.5x2x11.5cm
Material acrylic
Color clear
Item No acrylic photo frame
Product Details

Acrylic geometric shape circular magnetic framework

Size: 16.5x2x11.5cm

Materials: high transparency acrylic environmental protection materials, sturdy, durable, easy to clean, waterproof, dustproof, insulation, flame retardant


Elegant and modern: transparent. Hard work to show clarity and details in your lens

Transparent and durable: This phase frame support is made of high -quality acrylic. It is stronger and stronger than glass

Safety: All edges of our acrylic products are polished to avoid injuries

multiple uses. Can be used to display awards, recognize and other souvenirs

Fashion: The fashionable modern style will definitely leave a deep impression on your guests

Applicable: family photo display, custom company logo display, customized personality display box, shop product attribute display paper frame

Keywords: acrylic photo frame, high -level transparent paper display box, custom logo photo frame, DIY style personality photo frame, advertising paper arrangement, environmental photo frame, magnetic photo frame

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